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Service Description

We use proven best practices in developing proposals. The roots of these best practices trace back to the 1960s. Many of these practices were updated in the 1980s and continue to be enhanced. We have an excellent understanding of why various artifacts coupled with periodic reviews is necessary to developing a wining proposal. We begin with bursting the RFP and developing an annotated outline of the proposal. The annotations ensure we address every customer requirement and concern. From the annotated outline we guide volume leads and authors through the development of a Module Specification and a Story Map. These standardized tools help authors to visualize the sections of the volume they must write including the initial planning for space allocations, graphics, and key messages required in the annotated outline. When the Proposal Manager approves those artifacts, we move on to develop the Annotated Mockup which will contain the initial renderings of graphics, paragraph introductory sentences, and bulleted text for each volume. When ready, we present the Annotated Mockup to the Pink Team for review and comment. Post Pink Team, the Proposal Leadership will review, annotate, and assign comments to authors for correction or clarification. Only when this is completed and approved by the Volume Lead do we write the draft. There may be multiple drafts before we are ready for the Final Draft to be reviewed by the Red Team. We follow a similar process as the Pink Team for clarification and correction which will culminate with the Final Proposal. Some companies like to conduct a Gold Team for Company Executives to review and sign-off on the Final Proposal. This should not result in additional rewrites if those executives have been involved throughout the process. Where the executives require additional rewrites, my experience is that the proposal is a non-winner. We conclude by publishing the copies of proposal and deliver them to the customer. We recommend two separate and distinct deliveries to reduce the risk of loss of late delivery. Post-proposal proposals may include answering questions that the Customer may have concerning the submittal.

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